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2011 Census: Legos Outpace Humans by 4,000%

It’s that time of year, when we turn to review the results of one the most fundamental charters of our Constitution and profile ourselves as a household, peering deep into the mirror to see just what we have become.  Our … Continue reading

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Ten Things Television Has Taught Me

10.) Nine out of ten of us will die in a manner requiring a procedurally vague autopsy. The public will generally attend to help direct the Medical Examiner. The tenth person will be either a cyborg or a space alien. … Continue reading

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The People vs. Bruce Wayne

Your honor, ladies and gentleman of the jury, your patience during this trial has been truly remarkable. I will not tax it any further by a long closing statement, but will instead restrict myself to a simple summary of the … Continue reading

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Motherblogs: Do you need to Pepys?

For those who have made the perilous passage,  becoming and enduring as a parent is the great adventure of ones adult lifetime, a magical mystery tour with no posted stops or scripted ending. Or at least that’s what the brochure … Continue reading

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If twits Twitter, what do bloggers do?

In the past, my default answer was “Procrastinate, hopefully, and spare us all.” Blogging used to strike me as the textual equivalent of streaking, with a fleeting burst of activity intended to generate some startled attention from the crowd followed by … Continue reading

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