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Important Things You Should Know About Me

My physical beauty can be intimidating. As a consequence I have learned to pose in a manner that photographs in a shorter, wider and more hairless fashion. Musical ignorance often causes the first-time listener to carelessly characterize my singing voice … Continue reading

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A Big Year of Bird-Braining

The Big Year − an ambitious bit of branding avid bird watchers employ to anoint 365 days of their lonely, anal-retentive activity as meaningful by cataloguing every unique bird they see − as opposed to a non-Big Year, during which … Continue reading

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Secrets of Universe Revealed

A single deceased amateur scientist has been awarded the Noble Prize in Physics this year, for revealing the fundamental limits of the known universe, using a previously discredited theory he created over a half century ago in the Jungle of Nool. … Continue reading

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Clipboard Zombies

They come to protect the environment, they come to end hunger, they come to save the children, eliminate disease and get you right with God,  but mostly − if you are walking down any street in any major American city … Continue reading

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If twits Twitter, what do bloggers do?

In the past, my default answer was “Procrastinate, hopefully, and spare us all.” Blogging used to strike me as the textual equivalent of streaking, with a fleeting burst of activity intended to generate some startled attention from the crowd followed by … Continue reading

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